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For the first time in Azerbaijan!

An international rhinoplasty conference was held under the leadership and organization of Dr. Cavid Cabbarzade at the Fairmont Hotel Flame Towers...


What to do after rhinoplasty?

What should be considered after aesthetic nose surgery?...


The next meeting of facial plastic surgery!

Dr. Cavid Cabbarzade has become one of the speakers invited to the round table of Facial Plastic Surgery Conference...


Dr. Cavid Cabbarzade at the Conference on Facial Plastic Surgery

Dr. Cavid Cabbarzade presented his new technique called 'Lateral Crus Caudocephalic Rotation Suture' and...


Another conference report!

Dr. Cavid Cabbarzade has represented our country with the report at rhinoplasty conference held in the United...


Dr. Cavid Cabbarzade participated at the international congress held in Brazil

Dr. Cavid Cabbarzade participated as a moderator at one of the round tables related to rhinoplasty at the...