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Endoscopic sinus surgery is a worldwide surgery with the use of endoscope since 1990s. Nasal endoscopes are optic devices lighting the regions inside the nose without conducting any cuts from outside. Connecting camera to endoscopes, it is possible to watch on the screen by the others, record a video and re – watch it later.

Normal tissues are more damaged, the risk of bleeding is observed more and the obtained result is the lower in sinusitis surgeries conducted with open surgical methods still used at some centers. Higher results are achieved with endoscopic sinus surgery in the treatment of chronic sinusitis.

Air should enter into these cavities and mucus secreted in sinuses should be discharged into the nose for the normal activity of sinuses. There are thin canals for this between sinus and nasal cavity. Sinusitis arises as a result of congestion of these canals. The main aim of endoscopic sinus surgery used in chronic sinusitis is to expand the narrowed and clogged canals.

Patients go home on the same day after the surgery and they return to normal life style after 48 hours. There is no any cut, swelling and bruising on face which can be visible from the outside. There is either no pain or a pain that can be prevented with mild painkillers.

Is the endoscopic sinus surgery risky?

As in every surgical operation, there are also some risks in endoscopic sinus surgery. There are important structures such as eyes, tear ducts, optic nerve, brain, vessels into the brain around sinuses. Of course, there is a possibility of damage of these regions in this surgery. Therefore, the professionalism of doctors is important while performing this surgery.

Can chronic sinusitis be repeated after endoscopic sinus surgery?

Yes, it can be repeated. The sick organ is not removed in sinusitis surgery, only its normal functions are restored. The possibility of sinusitis decreases after properly performed surgery.

Points to be paid attention to in the period after endoscopic sinus surgery:

  • There can be nasal congestion within 24 – 48 hours after the surgery. If tampon is placed inside the nose, it will be removed in the time determined by the doctor. This time can be between 24 – 72 hours.
  • Use drugs recommended by your doctor.
  • Use sprays and drops to clean your nose in accordance with your doctors advice.
  • It is not appropriate to wash your nose with domestic water.
  • Recovery inside the nose is completed within 2 – 6 weeks according to the type of surgery.