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What is the nasal aesthetics?

Nasal aesthetics is called Rhinoplasty in the literature. It is a surgery conducted to re- form the nose. Nasal aesthetics surgery is the most complex one among the aesthetics surgeries.

What should be the goals in the aesthetic surgery of the nose?

The existing structure of the nose and its connection with face should be considered in nasal aesthetics surgery and the followings should be performed:

A. The compliance of nose with other structures of the face and with its own parts (the root of the nose, its medium part, the tip of the nose)

B. The provisions of normal breathing functions of the nose.

What are done in Rhinoplasty from aesthetic point of view?

  1. Reducing or enlarging the size of the nose
  2. Thinning the tip of the nose
  3. Increasing or decreasing the front part of the nose on face
  4. Changing the angles of nose - lip and nose – forehead
  5. Correction of bone-cartilage protuberances in the middle part of the nose etc.

What should be done functionally in aesthetic nasal surgery?

Rhinoplasty – along with being a surgery of correction of nasal shape, it also provides the elimination of bone and cartilage distortions inside the nose or breathing problems related to concha hypertrophy known as nasal meat. If needed, cleaning of polyps inside the nose and sinusitis surgery can also be performed at the same time.

The importance of a dialogue between doctor and patient in aesthetic surgery of the nose

Doctors knowledge about patient desires, its being real or not, the possibility of his/ her desires should be explained to the patient. The noses of all people around the world have different features in terms of bone, cartilage and skin structure. Therefore, the result after the surgery will be different. Result obtained in the nose with thin skin will not be same as the result of any patient having thick, oily skin.

Aesthetic nose surgery is not just a nose reduction surgery

The main aim in the aesthetic surgery of the nose is to correct and obtained a nose which is in compliance with other structures of the face and having normal breathing function.

At what age can aesthetic nose surgery be performed?

Rhinoplasty should be performed after the completion of the growth of nose. This limit is determined 16 – 17 years old in girls and 17 – 18 years old in boys.

Rhinoplasty is performed under general anesthesia.

Normal life style after Rhinoplasty

The period after the nasal aesthetics is a period which passes very easily and without any pain for the patient. Plastic gypsum or plasters on the nose is removed in the 1st week after the surgery and paper plaster is stuck for 5 – 7 days. They return to normal active life style after 2 weeks in the form of non – existence of swellings. However, the disappearance of swellings may take up to 3-4 weeks in noses with thick skins. Edema in nose skin is reduced in several months and the nose appears more thin and beautiful.