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What is pharyngitis?

Pharyngitis is the inflammation of the pharynx. It is found in most people. Pharynx is the back part of nasal and mouth cavity. Its part in the back of the nose is called nasopharynx and the part in the back of mouth is called oropharynx. And the lower part is called hypopharynx. When we say pharyngitis, the inflammation of oropharynx is meant.

What are the types of Pharyngitis?

It has two types for duration. If it has newly emerged and acute complications, it is an acute pharyngitis and if it continues for a long time and doesnt have more severe symptoms, it is called chronic pharyngitis.

What are the causes of Pharyngitis?

Acute pharyngitis is mainly observed after the infection of upper respiratory tract and its cause is mostly viruses. The triggering factors mainly play an important role in the formation of chronic pharyngitis. Smoking, alcohol intake, allergies, postnasal discharge, dry and dirty air environment, the factors that cause nasal congestion , reflux, very hot and cold foods, frequent repetition of throat cleaning reflux, teeth and tonsils inflammation are among these factors.

The symptoms of Pharyngitis

The patients complications are salient in acute pharyngitis. There are complications such as sore throat, difficulty swallowing, throat dryness, burning, itching, temperature, and coughing. Complications such as growth of lymph nodes in the neck, nasal obstruction, nasal discharge, headache, and fatigue can be observed. In chronic pharyngitis, complications such as temperature, fatigue, apathy are not observed. Complications related to throat are mild, but they continue for a long time. There can be complications such as dryness of the throat, burning, irritation, the feeling of foreign body, and swallowing disorder. There is irritating cough. Patient think that they will get relaxed cleaning their throat and therefore, more often do cleaning acts. But this irritates the throat.

How is it diagnosed?

The diagnosis of both acute and chronic pharyngitis is made according to the patients anamnesis and examination.

Treatment of pharyngitis

If it is thought that acute pharyngitis is viral origin, then antibiotic is not given, but when it is thought that bacteria has also joined to the process, then antibiotics are used. In addition, painkillers, antihistamines in patients with allergy, nasal sprays, medicines against coughing and mouthwash for sore throat can be used.

The treatment of chronic pharyngitis is more complex. Along with treatment, it is also important for patient to follow certain diet. However, chronic pharyngitis is recovered rarely. First of all, the cause should be determined and relevant treatment should be conducted. In most cases, antibiotics are useless. Spray and mouthwashes which decrease postnasal discharge are used. Medicines against reflux are prescribed.

What to be paid attention to?

  • Reduce or put an end to the use of cigarettes and alcohol
  • Try not to be in dusty environments
  • Not to accept very hot and cold foods
  • Avoid factors which cause allergy
  • Reduce more frequent and severe throat clearing